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DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 PC Game REVIEW While having an entire Island as my sandbox, I expend a disproportionate amount of time doing bathrooms to build up and mold as I like. Washrooms, spas and communal bathrooms, both modern and rustic— there’s plenty to choose from and every one literally makes my kingdom’s people explode with joy. I can then use some joy opening more things to make the bathrooms even more. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is as weird as it is stunning and a completely different beast to the original Dragon Quest RPG series. The world needs to save, and there are silly Slimes to smash, but here you are more Bob the Builder than the swordsman to run.

In this peculiar offshoot, you are moving from constructing simple bedrooms and kitchens to help people live in dire times, to creating extravagant castles and massive mystical trees all in the name of beating Hargon’s evil Ones. Since inheriting a deserted island from a rugged mole-thing with a hammer and mates with a chap who tends to hit things a little too much



Mostly, the game is broken in two parts. There’s your time on the Isle of Awakening where you can do whatever you like, be it designing villages, sculpting blocky sculptures in your own picture or, in my case, constructing a multiplex of bathrooms; and your time exploring certain islands where you’ll be helping people out with missions and more unique houses.

The outcome is a construction game with just enough guidance to help you make stuff that looks awesome. For eg, the second major Island has you constructing ever more opulent bars to inspire miners to operate. The big plot-integral buildings have blueprints to follow for you, but mostly you are left to them. A space must be at least two blocks wide and have a door that can be identified as such, but it can be of any size or shape and hold anything you like in

You’ll get a basic formula for most quests— a pot and a towel rail will create a bath, a bed, and some bonfires will make a kitchen — but you can shape them as you like. Experimenting will take you to open certain styles of rooms and will win you the respect of the citizens who you support. There’s a hell of many types of blocks to keep things fresh so even if you’ve decided to build 10 restaurants in a row, there’s enough components to keep them all varied. There is plenty to play with from simple wooden walls and floorboards, to marble buttresses and luxurious carpets. Also minecarts and tracks are available to help you make rollercoasters or transport links, if you wish. You won’t get t therefore

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