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Scary games are very interesting and thrilling to play. These games are set in an extremely spooky environment that gives its players the creeps. For those who love scary movies or books, these games will surely keep you hooked better than a movie, because here you are the main character and need to take appropriate actions in order to escape alive.

Some of the games are set up in a haunted house and your aim is to leave the house alive. You have to dodge all the spirits and dodge all the monsters and leave before your time expires. Some games feature you as the sole survivor of humanity and you must escape the onslaught of zombies before they succeed in turning you into one.

You have to collect resources that may come in handy in some of the games and explore your surroundings in order to find an escape route. These games will have you on the edge of your seat because an unexpected monster may pop in from anywhere and attack you. Stranded with limited weapons and no friends, you must find your way out alive.

These games have got extremely life like graphics and this helps in making them even more thrilling and scary. They are scarier than movies because of the fact that you are in control of your destiny and one wrong move could mean a horrifying end.

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The mysterious and chilling environments in which the games are set may not be suitable for younger player s and many websites have an age restriction and you cannot play unless you are at least sixteen years old.

Many games based on the movie “Saw” are also available and these are surely more thrilling than the movie as you try to leave the game alive and in one piece.

The games usually start with a brief introduction about the history of the haunted environment and what exactly you are supposed to do. Most of the games can be controlled using the key board but some of the games also allow using your mouse. You are usually given basic instructions and sometimes a map is also given to help you find your way.

With zombies out to kill, phantoms on the prowl and strange and unexpected events that keep happening, scary games are the best way to have fun. Don’t forget to keep looking behind you while playing these spooky games.

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